About us

A team of digital experts

We are HARMONEY, a digital agency with a team of people driven by creativity, with a passion to create memorable experiences for you and your audience. We care about what we do and strive to be the best. We work in collaboration with our clients as strategic partners, immersing ourselves in their brand and developing strong relationships, anchored in trust and longevity.

Our work process

From a different perspective, we believe that our process is both an art and a science.

Take a look at how we invest time, talking, thinking and putting ideas into action to make sure every opportunity is maximized.


Before we can begin the process of magical preparation, we will have to gather the ingredients. In our first conversation, we will sit down to find out the elements and advantages of your company: where it was, where it is today and where you want it to go. We will also discuss the purpose of the project and work together to set the goal, timeline and any other additional expectations you may have.


Like Sherlock Holmes, the next step involves a little detective work: gathering clues about your competition, identifying your target audience, studying your industry, and compiling information relevant to your project. According to the findings, we will analyze the data and share the information with you to be able to improve your business. With our combined forces, you can bet we will be an unbeatable duo.


During conceptualization, the strategy, theme, design and text come together. Our team will explore several different directions and start working on the details of your project. After going through our critical review process, we'll give you a look at the direction we've taken to make sure everything is in line with your expectations.


With the approved concept, it's finally time to bring your vision to life. In this phase, we will implement the design, evaluate the usability, refine the details and make the final adjustments. Your project will pass through the hands of our creative team several times for extensive testing and fine tuning until it is ready.


Implementation is not the last thing we will do. Once we're done, we'll analyze the results of the campaign and how people perceive your brand. If necessary, we will make changes and improvements that lead to a higher level of involvement and a more authentic connection with the public. This is the beauty of digital reputation - it allows real-time changes and a high level of targeting.